AWAREhouse Gallery

Judy, Here are the 29 images ill email you


Hi Judy!

Here are the proofs for all the photos I’ve taken and edited for you. I’ve had so much fun working with you and your products & I cannot wait to get more creative and create a faux store front for you later this month!!

Now it’s time for you to choose which photos you’d like to purchase. Here’s how it works:

Each photo is numbered and grouped by product. (i.e. the pillows will be grouped together #1-4)

Go through and pick which photos you like best & keep track of the photo numbers

When you’ve chosen all your photos and have all the numbers written down, email me back with the numbered list.

I will send an invoice for the number of photos you’ve chosen & remove the watermark from your selection. Here is the pricing breakdown: The fee is $12 per photo.

After you’ve emailed me the list & paid the invoice, I will update this link to indclude the photos you’ve chosen so far.

This link will never expire and never be deleted without your permission, request or knowing. You are always welcome to refer back to these and buy more or request for critiques!

*I do take corrections or critiques but this does come with a blanket additional fee of $80 paid before the corrections are taken and applied*

I hope you love and enjoy these!!